Save time, easily manage a series of events with Multiple Date Event Ticketing

Since we launched our new ticketing platform in August, our team has been working around the clock to release new features to help you sell tickets online, market your event and simplify your life.

We are very excited to announce that we released the Multi Date Events feature this morning. This new feature allows event organizers to create and manage events taking place on multiple dates. Multiple date event ticketing saves you tons of time and displays all of your events on a calendar view on your event page too.

The Multi Date Events feature is super helpful for organizers that have an event that takes place weekly or monthly, or a performance that takes place multiple times throughout the week, month or year (such as theater performances or seasonal events like haunted house tours). When you create your event on TicketLeap, simply select ‘Add Multiple Dates’ to manage all your event dates.

Check out our video about Multi Date Events, featuring Andrew Gilligan, our Director of Product. He’ll walk you through how to use this new feature to set up your own multiple date event ticketing. We

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