Dear Comic-Con International Fans

In 2009, it sold out after 6 months. In 2010, it sold out in 2 months. On Saturday, Comic-Con International 2011 sold out in 7 HOURS (200x faster than last year if you’re keeping track). Needless to say, the demand was unbelievable, reaching a peak of 403,000 page requests per minute and a total of more than 35 million total page requests throughout the day. But while the event sold out in record time and the system never actually went down, things didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped. We are sorry for the frustration our system issues caused on Saturday and we are working hard to answer all of your inquiries. Below you will find the answers to the most common questions regarding ticket sales for Comic-Con International, and click here for a more detailed technical write-up for those who are interested. Also, here is a link to an article on GigaOM with their take on our technical write-up.

When will tickets go on sale again?

At this time, Comic-Con International 2011 is sold out. As refunds are processed, more tickets may become available to purchase at a later date. Please refer to Comic-Cons website, Facebook page or Twitter page for the latest updates.

I have questions about my TicketLeap confirmation email.

TicketLeap will be re-sending all confirmation emails on Monday, February 7, 2011 (even if you received it the first time around). Your confirmation email will contain a link for each separate transaction. By default, the email shows the start date of the event (Thursday, July 21). Click the link to view the detailed list of all tickets purchased.

If you do not receive your email confirmation by Tuesday, February 8, 2011, please contact our Support Team at

I did not receive bar coded email confirmations from EPIC Registration. How do I get my bar coded email confirmations?

EPIC Registration will send out bar coded email confirmations (separate from the TicketLeap confirmations referenced above). You will receive one bar coded confirmation from EPIC for each badge/admission type. This is your “ticket” to Comic-Con International. Please add the domain to your safe senders list so your confirmation will not go to your spam folder. If you do not receive one bar coded confirmation for each purchased ticket byWednesday, February 9, 2011, please contact EPIC by email Your email to EPIC should include your TicketLeap confirmation number(s) and the name(s) for which you did not receive a bar coded confirmation. Note: You may not receive all of your bar coded confirmations from EPIC at the same time so please wait until Wednesday to inquire with EPIC if you have not received all of them.

How do I request a refund for Comic-Con International ticket(s)that I purchased?

All ticket refund requests will be processed directly through Comic-Con International. Please refer to their Registration Page for refund policies and instructions. TicketLeap has no authority or ability to issue refunds or handle refunds requests.

I entered incorrect information when I purchased my Comic-Con ticket(s). How can I correct the information for my badges?

If you submitted incorrect contact information when purchasing your tickets, these changes can be made on the EPIC Registration site after you receive the bar coded confirmation emails from their system. Any further questions you should have after receiving the bar coded confirmation emails from EPIC should be submitted to EPIC at no earlier than Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

There are multiple charges on my credit card for tickets I didn’t purchase or receive. How do I correct those charges?

Most likely, what you’re seeing is a pending only charge that will drop on its own in 2-3 business days. If you received an error message while attempting your purchase and had to re-submit your information, your bank or card issuer might have temporarily pulled those funds which we cannot accept due to the error that occurred. Typically, these charges will drop in 2-3 business days but please contact your card issuer to find out when they can release the hold on those pending only charges.

For anyone who has other questions that aren’t answered above, please email


Chris Stanchak

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  1. I just want to say that, though it didn’t go as smoothly as everyone obviously hoped and it was a pretty frustrating experience getting through to get my badge, you guys did handle the situation remarkably well. Your Twitter feed kept us informed throughout the day and as you said, your system never actually went down. I really hate that a lot of people felt that they had to unleash profanity and vitriol on you on your Facebook page. As frustrating as the day was, that was really uncalled for. I hope that Comicon keeps you guys on board for next year. With this experience under your belt, next year can’t help but be better.

  2. I’m curious to know why you chose to have unnecessary ajax calls on the page. That only caused more un-needed page requests on your site. That should be the first thing to go when dealing with large amounts of page requests.

  3. I understand that you were overwhelmed with ticket requests for Comic-Con Saturday. What I don’t understand is why this wasn’t aniticpated considering what happened twice before when tickets for 2011 first went on sale. Ultimately, we got tickets but it really shouldn’t have been so aggravating.

  4. “…your bank or card issuer might have temporarily pulled those funds which we cannot accept due to the error that occurred.”

    Does this mean the people trying to scalp passes at a ridiculously higher price they received due to multiple purchases won’t have those multiples passes after all?

  5. And what of those users who never got tickets at all, despite refreshing and clicking for several hours? While you sold the event out in record time, tickets were essentially sold at random. There was no rhyme or reason as to why one person got through and others didn’t. People were tweeting about receiving their confirmation number, and I was still seeing an “over capacity” page.

    There’s no logical reason that I shouldn’t have gotten a ticket- or at very least, no logical reason I should have had to sit at a computer for four hours to find that out. I’m EXTREMELY displeased with that experience. Now, not only do I have to continue to wait in hopes of getting a refunded ticket, but I have to hope I’ll be able to book last minute if that DOES happen.

    As much as I like to root for a hometown company, I was sorely disappointed by my first TicketLeap experience.

  6. It was an unbelievable excersise in anger and frustration. Getting up early, starting at EXACTLY 9am, then clicking refresh for the next four hours. Getting in a couple of times, putting in the number of tickets only to get booted out to the “over capacity” page when clicking on continue checkout. Now the event I have been planning with friends and family for over a two years (we had planned to go every other year) is unnobtainable and sold out. Wasted my day and wasted my time. Angry and dissapointed doesn’t begin to explain how I feel. Great job.

  7. You guys suck. Hopefully comic con uses a better company next year, rather than some crappy company that can’t deal with the traffic.

    We had already purchased plane and hotel tickets, and now we have no freaking comic con tickets.

    We sat there for two hours and never saw anything more than that crappy “over capacity” page.

    Bull crap.

  8. I am angry beyond words. Couldn’t even get a ticket. 2 tries…first 3 hours then 4 hours. It’s how I make my living. $4000 less from me this year to the few remaining gouged vendors.

  9. Given the amount of unconfirmed transactions #9 (Raa-Gee) I suggest you wait for refunds to be processed. There will be quite a few (though not a ridiculous amount, I’m assuming).

    I got double billed, because my first transaction appeared not to go through, and so I tried again (it took 2 hours) and I finally got through and got the codes.

    Then only to find out after successfully completing the second transaction, that the first transaction went through and did not appear on my statement until several hours later. yikes!

    I recognize this issue, and I’m just waiting on process. You should too. There will be more tickets.

  10. Well, I don’t know whatever poster #1 is smoking, but I for one hope that your service is never considered again for next years sales. The process for 2011 was beyond frustrating and failed to meet the unexpected flood of requests. Not even a queue was there in the event that a user managed to get to the ticket selection page. It would just boot you to the Over Capacity page and no amount of refreshing made that page change. Thus, having to repeat the process until it finally managed to advance to past the Click to Process page, which I might add, required more refreshing.

    Not running smoothly is an understatement.

  11. similarly to phantine, i also ended up buying 2 sets of tickets, 1 of which i will be refunding. i’m sure this was the case with many people, and that there will be a significant amount of tickets opening up. hang in there, fellow sdcc’ers.

    i’m surprised that some people had to wait several hours to purchase tickets. i think i lucked out because i was constantly viewing the twitter feed for info, and the pointers i received about how to get through the process helped a GREAT deal. yes, it was a bit frustrating, but i’m guessing not nearly as frustrating as some others’ experience. i think ticketleap is doing a good job with the communication, and i would look forward to using them again next year if they are given the opportunity.

  12. It took me three hours to get tickets, but I anticipated that and just stayed with it until it actually happened. NOW I’m concerned that, even though I got a confirmation page at the time and even though the cost of 4 single-day passes has been debited from my checking account and when I enter my e-mail on Ticketleap it shows the four passes, I only got a confirmation from Epic for THURSDAY. Has anyone else had this experience? Should I worry, do you think? I am going to be so bummed, not to mention angry, if after all that I only ended up with one single-day pass!

  13. Ticket guys failed.


    I now have 12 tickets and I received no conformation that they even went through that day and I called and got the answer keep refreshing. Yeah..I kept refreshing and ended up with 12 tickets.

    What am I going to do with the other 11 tickets?

    Never again will I even go to your site.

  14. Lauren-
    I already sent out 15 I need to send another 425698679?

  15. @Johnna – Those with pending charges (usually from entering in the wrong credit card information) did not actually purchase tickets because our system did not accept the money. The charges will drop off in a few business days.

  16. @Anna, I’m sorry but as we mentioned in the blog post TicketLeap has no authority or ability to issue refunds for Comic-Con. You are going to have to handle this directly with Comic-Con.

  17. Hi there

    Obviously your app could not handle the volume on Saturday. Was there no load testing done on the server before hand? I am sure someone in your IT department could have done some research and anticipated the volume.

  18. It took me 2 minutes to buy my ticket last year, but this year it took me around 4 hours and I came out with 12 tickets and a $400+ bill. Really?

    Fail fail fail fail.

  19. JV in SoCal:

    Hi there
    Obviously your app could not handle the volume on Saturday. Was there no load testing done on the server before hand? I am sure someone in your IT department could have done some research and anticipated the volume.

    And I paid $2 to Ticket Leap for each ticket? Refund me my $24, you guys deserve nothing.

    • Anna sell me two tickets. Ill buy some

  20. This is unbelievable… I was double billed a long with a million other people.

    Perhaps comic con wouldn’t have sold out in record time if the site worked properly and people were able to receive the correct amount of tickets.

    I’m sure this will set some sort of record for number of tickets returned.

    Your apology was an excuse which is a joke. What are you going to do with the service fee on returned tickets? Keeping that money is criminal.

  21. Give me back the service charge you charged me..ridiculous.

  22. I resent the fact you have forced me to spend more money to get 4, 1 day passes instead of the 4 day passes we wanted. We also needed 4 but the only got passes for 3 because everytime we tried 4 it shut down on us.. You guys really need to make this right and convert our 4 1 day passes into a 4 day pass, and we will eat the loss. It wouldnt be so bad if we didnt need to stand in line each day to get a new pass, and if you have ever been there you know people line up early for panel rooms. If Im in line for my pass chances are im not getting into a panel room.

  23. Rayneseventhree:

    I resent the fact you have forced me to spend more money to get 4, 1 day passes instead of the 4 day passes we wanted. We also needed 4 but the only got passes for 3 because everytime we tried 4 it shut down on us.. You guys really need to make this right and convert our 4 1 day passes into a 4 day pass, and we will eat the loss. It wouldnt be so bad if we didnt need to stand in line each day to get a new pass, and if you have ever been there you know people line up early for panel rooms. If Im in line for my pass chances are im not getting into a panel room.

    I agree and also return my service charge. Ticket Leap, you deserve nothing. NOTHING.

  24. Chris Stanchak:

    …and the system never actually went down…

    I think this phrase in the opening paragraph is very telling. It tacitly says: Yes, we made mistakes, but we’re not going to completely own up to them 100%, because we sold all the tickets for Comic-Con & still got our $2 for each one.

    To quote The Bard: “I do bite my thumb, sir.”

  25. I was one of the lucky ones to get tickets, but I have to say this was the WORST purchasing experiences I’ve ever been through! To have to sit for hours and hitting F5 (the refresh button) over and over was just unbelievable! I agree with others that have written why wasn’t your site prepared for the gazillion people that were ready to buy these tickets knowing that there were 2 other times issues occurred? Also, what bothered me was that I wanted to purchase the 4 day pass but the option was not available on my screen. The only choice I would have is to purchase each day separately but then I’d be paying “extra” for those 4 days which I was not going to do. I was on early way before the announcement said that the 4 day passes had sold out. So, how could the 4 day passes be selling if some of us could not even select those passes to begin with???? I’m all for giving people/companies second chances so if SDCC goes with you guys again, I would hope that you will make the corrections to insure this horrible experience does not happen in 2012!

  26. Same thing happened to me! now I have 800 DOLLARS on my credit card!!!!!!
    yes, I know to email comic con and will get a refund but still this is crap! had I known that the first transaction had happened I could have continued with my day and not sat there for 2 MORE HOURS clicking refresh!

  27. The “MULTIPLE” choices for 1,2,3,4,5 duplicate tickets EACH ticket CHOICE should never have been done.

    I would take someones duplicated, triplicated, quadruplied etc, 4 day or 11 4 days tickets they dont want or need…… to return for 1 4 day ticket.

    In fact, I think ticketleap owes a few DIRECT email offers to those that sat for hours that didnt get DINK (for the 3rd trial and error ) wanting ONE 4 day in exhange for those that got multiples that DONT need them.

    you have my email address.

  28. I third what Rayneseventhree and John D. said.

  29. I also agree with Rayneseventhree – I was online at exactly 9am and every time I tried to purchase a 4 day pass it locked me out because I needed to buy 3 of them. The only way I was able to get through was by purchasing 4 1day passes (long before it was revealed the 4 day passes were sold out). Because of this glitch, I am being forced to stand in a very long line each day to pick up my 1day pass and miss getting into panels. The least that can be done is to allow us to exchange our 4 1day passes for a 4day pass, or let us pick up all 4 of the passes on the first day.

  30. Your registration system does not work for everyone! I followed the website’s instructions to the letter but I was not allowed to register. Let me give you the facts. And just for the record, I am an engineer, attention to detail and facts are a big part of my life.

    1. I went to your website at 9:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM CST for me.
    2. I clicked on the registration button.
    3. For the first 5 – 7 minutes I received a “busy” message.
    4. Then for the next 6 hours and 53 – 55 minutes I received a “We’ll be right back, TicketLeap is currently down for maintenance” message.
    5. At just before 4:00 PM PST, I finally get through to find all the adult tickets are sold. At this point the Comic-Con International website is updated as well.
    6. I spent 7 hours at my desk, in front of my computer, trying to register, all for nothing.
    7. I tried calling. The first several phone calls, I received a “busy” signal. Then I finally got to their menu selection message but it kept bouncing me back to the initial menu selection no matter what selection I made

    I have several questions I want answered.

    1. I want to know why I was not able to get through but thousands of other people were?
    2. Why TicketLeap displayed a “maintenance” message when it was not the case.
    3. How am I going to attend? And more importantly, how is my family going to attend? I have been attending since 1989. That is 22 Comic Cons I have attended! Got it, 22!

  31. Can’t believe I wasted my Saturday trying to get tickets…tried all day… and never made it pass choosing my order… SAD and LAME… and to give us the tech-excuse that nobody cares about is also lame…why not say that you guys did not do you job… it easier to blame someone or thing… it’s harder to man up and take the blame

  32. Steve Ward,

    I’m really, really sorry to tell you this, but if you’d cleared your cache (I know! I know what you are thinking!) or just gone to the Ticketleap site rather than constantly clicking on the ComicCon registration page, you would have got rid of the pesky maintenance message with a phone number, and got the green screen instead. If you clicked from the Reg page, the wonderful series of tubes that is the internet, did not actually fully update for some time.

    A number of social resources talked about this, I would have thought you would have just re-loaded the direct TicketLeap Page, rather than click on the Comic Con one? Poof, Maintenance page no more.

    I’m sure you can picture the angry nerd population of Japan or South Korea right now, you can understand why they’d have to wait.

    I know, RIGHT? but the cached part of the internet, she just kept showing that page to a lot of people. I took dated screenshots, and wrote a running total of how frustrating it was and at what times while I waited for it to load, which by the way -if- you want, TicketLeap, I will email you for analysis purposes. It was NOT easy to be someone trying to get a ticket.

    I guess if I lived closer to the TicketLeap servers located in PA, or the Registration group out of NC, or Amazon Web Services in Seattle I might have had a better chance at getting through the server faster to complete my transaction.

    Maybe even the HQ in San Diego, athough at this point, I sort of doubt they have much with the online server and the ticketing process information.

    Frankly, -YES- technology failed us in this instance. It sucked. The Comic Con page stayed up the whole time, but the Leap page was being assaulted faster than a DDOS attack, just how many reloads? How many cached DNS servers? Wait, what did you DO internet!?! YOU BROKE YOURSELF!

    It took me FOUR hours (including the false start which turned out not to be so false), and every SINGLE time I got to the order page, and believe me, I was a ninja by this point, 3 seconds later, and I couldn’t complete my transaction. Then to find out I’d been billed twice and had tickets I didn’t need.

    What I want to know, since you better believe they are doing a post-mortem on the ticket sales experience/server overload, is were the ticket availabilities staggered?

    Because I have SEVERAL screenshots and timeline instances where the page showing the availability of the tickets change from sold out, to choose up to x, to chose 0, where 4 day passes were up, then out, up then out, and day passes for friday were out, then up, then out again, then saturday was up and out and this continued throughout the morning.

    That being said, I did win the lotto, I got my tickets, and now I’m sitting on waiting for a refund for the extra orders.

    Seriously dude, there will be MORE tickets. And you know what? Its not like these guys haven’t learned from their mistakes and will learn from these.

    One nice thing about TicketLeap? THEY ARE NOT TICKETMASTER. They are the smaller fish, but you know what? They’re a HELL of a lot nicer to deal with.

    Incidentally, this is my first Comic Con.

  33. I spent 4 hours on your website; 4 consecutive hours spent hitting refresh. I started my morning at 8:59 ready and poised at your website. I refreshed, and refreshed again, and refreshed again. I followed you on twitter, tried to follow all of your recommendations, and refreshed again. I could not get past the first page, despite everything. I spent 4 hours of my morning TRYING to get tickets, and could not. The “service” I received on Saturday was beyond miserable, absolutely detestable. I have NEVER waited 4 hours on my computer to do anything like that. I didn’t end up with tickets and I will never use your website again. I hope that comic con doesn’t use your website again, despite your supposed fixes. People got tickets at seemingly random. An acquaintance of mine spent 25 minutes on the website and got through. So why then, did I have to waste 4 hours of my day to walk away empty handed? I am flabbergasted that you didn’t shut down and resume when your system could handle the process again. Why would you continue to process requests when you knew you didn’t have the capacity to service all of the people intending to get through?
    I have never in any capacity of my life received such horrible service.
    I still cannot believe that I didn’t get tickets, that the summer plans I’ve had for over a year won’t be happening, and that it is due to your company’s lack of foresight and “service”.

    I work two jobs specifically so I can do fun things like comic con, something that I’ve been going to for years. I got work off Saturday morning so that I could purchase tickets to comic con, and the reason I left my computer after 4 hours was because I had to go to my second job. I’m still in disbelief.

    I’m utterly appalled at your “service”.

  34. I do feel sympathetic for anybody who was not able to purchase a ticket, but also at the same time wondering about the legitimacy of spending “four to six hours” refreshing. I started the ticket purchasing process where I too had to keep refreshing the page, 10 minutes later I had tickets for Saturday. Then, being the complete d*ck I am, forgot to purchase a ticket for my girlfriend and realized I had to do the whole process again. Wherein 10 minutes after that, I had successfully purchased another ticket. So I don’t completely agree with people’s opinions that it was near-impossible to obtain tickets.

    And just as Phantine said, thank God we didn’t have to deal through TicketMaster. A company I’ve actually complained to the BBB about.

  35. I do feel sympathetic for anybody who was not able to purchase a ticket, but also at the same time wondering about the legitimacy of spending

  36. “In 2009, it sold out after 6 months. In 2010, it sold out in 2 months”
    Who are you kidding!, I have gotten tickets for the past 10 years but this time you sold the tickets to scalpers, great job Comic-Con/TicketLeap, maybe a lawfirm will knock on your door with a class action Lawsuit. (I’m in)

  37. I went for over 20 years to Comic Con and this is the first time I won’t be going. Everytime I tried to buy a ticket, the site would show a maintenence message with that ridiculous frog. When I did get to pick my tickets, it wouldn’t take me to the next page and the site would say that it was down once again. I tried for over two hours and then had to give up as I had to go to work. Thanks for absolutely nothing! This was the year my favorite artist and friend was making a special appearance. I won’t be able to see him either!

  38. I’ve really enjoyed Comic Con for the past few years, but that malicious frog blocked my entrance this year. Not only will I not attend Comic Con again, I plan to vote against Convention Center expansion and any other taxpayer expenses related to Comic Con. When loyal locals can’t even buy tickets, the spirit of Comic Con is dead.

  39. Who do these guys think they are? What are they using, TR80s to do this? Are they using dialup or something? Come on the “service” doesn’t deserve that word, it was more like diservice. I’ve had better experiences with phone companies when my lines were down! I never got anything but that stupid “please try again momentarily” page. I live in San DIego, I’ve been going to the con since the 70’s, and I’ve never had such a bad experience in any way connected with it, even when I had stuff stolen once, way back when.

  40. this is the worst ticket processing for SDCC.
    every time I tried to click process. it’s always busy.

  41. facebook needs a “hate” button

  42. I tried for the first three hours to get on and finally gave up as I figured your system fried just like the others. I do have a life and went about my business. Then you magically came back to life. Knowing that after three failures, this was going to be huge, you should have had a contingency having people list their cell phones so you could have contacted them when things were working again. This was an absolute mess – it was not handled at all well. You’ve got to be ready for primetime!

  43. Trying to get tickets on Saturday was an absolute disaster. Yes I did all the little hints on hitting refresh, cleared cache to no avail after over 4 + hours. All I wanted was a 4 day pass for myself and a junior one for my son. I did not try for multiple tickets with friends just in case one of us did get through.

    What bothers me is how there still have been no answers for a lot of the questions already asked on here and Saturday when the problems started. Why was I receiving a bad gateway error early on? (yes I took a look at the page source) I tried to call Ticketleap (as per the screen) and of course all circuits were busy. I kept screen caps of the source of the page as well as the infamous “we are processing other orders click checkout again”. The blog mentioned to not use IE version that is still in beta so I ran IE and Safari on two different apples that have parallel to see if trying different browsers would help but nothing helped.

    I also encountered the issues already mentioned and yes when a post-mortem is completed by TicketLeap- please answer the question on whether or not ticket availabilities were staggered. At times the options showed that yes 4 days were available and then when hitting refresh they were gone. I understand that “the tickets may have been in others checkout baskets” . How then is it possible that for those of us who were logged in earlier still did not get any tickets but I read on here how others were able to get back on and get tickets later on.

    Did the fact that the server locations for TicketLeap play into that factor? (I live in the Los Angeles area)

    Kudos to those that did get tickets but please don’t question the validity of our statements on how we did spend

  44. Rayneseventhree:

    I resent the fact you have forced me to spend more money to get 4, 1 day passes instead of the 4 day passes we wanted. We also needed 4 but the only got passes for 3 because everytime we tried 4 it shut down on us.. You guys really need to make this right and convert our 4 1 day passes into a 4 day pass, and we will eat the loss. It wouldnt be so bad if we didnt need to stand in line each day to get a new pass, and if you have ever been there you know people line up early for panel rooms. If Im in line for my pass chances are im not getting into a panel room.

    Well said as we too had to buy 4 separate one days for my wife and I. The site said they didn’t have 4 day, then they did, then they didn’t…how can I attend all 4 days if they are out of 4 day passes? huh? funny how that works. Oh, so you can charge me the extra processing fees, higher ticket prices due to separate tickets, and yes, waiting in the lines just to get in with our 2 kids will suck. Very bad experience. I would rather pay the high processing fees at ticketmaster then ever deal with ticketleap again.

  45. I dont think I would be upset if I had been some slacker that showed up late or if I had toiled to hours and finally got something.

    The issue is that I was there for over 8 hours, tethered to my computer, since 8:30. Didnt even move to pee. And I got nothing. Then I hear reports of people that slept in, arrived at around 11 am, refreshed a few times and bought tickets.

    I cant count the times I was close. Times that I had selected the tickets to buy only to be told that they werent actually available or that they were busy and I should try again, after which I found out that they were not available.

    TIcketLeap was meant to keep this crap from happening. Comic Con recognized the problem and ignored it. Mostly because they were getting their money. I think they will end up using this same hysteria, generated by themselves, to drive up ticket prices and use a feeding frenzy to sell out in hours, no matter what they charge. Otherwise they would have moved to LA or Anaheim where they could have had more room and sold more passes in areas better suited for massive tourism.

  46. This was the most frustrating moment in my life. I mean that literally, I logged on at 9am and spent tha next 2 and a halve hours of my life being kicked back to a screen that indicated that you were overloaded I occasionally got to enter the tickets that I WANTED to purchase . But upon clicking the “proceed to Check Out” back to the damn currently overloaded. As I watched the update show no more tickets, I kept trying,sucks.

  47. Ticketleap FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! Horrible decision made to use ticketleap. Poor excuse, knowing there could be complications, postponing the sale a couple months then giving doing it knowing there was an update or other possible solutions… Like doing registering the way I’ve been doing it for the last 8 years. Worst part of this whole scenario is the tease of seeing the quantity you want there, clicking to proceed to Check Out, then page reloads stating no tickets… BLUE BALLS!!! Still with out tickets and worried it will be the same scenario in June/July once tickets are re-released. Ticketmaster sucks but at least I would have gotten a straight forward “Sold Out” at 9:30am instead of hoping for some luck the next 5 hours.

  48. ticket leap sucks period
    please comic con if you wanna keep people happy and attending comic-con you have to make purchasing tickets easier cant you do the registering througn the mail months prior like it used to be ,i mean come on 4-8 hors sitting in front of the computer i know you guys have more brains and wealth than that tthe people that come to comic-con are the people that keep it going without them you would be lost ,so please next year figure out something that will work ,i mean im not gonna sit here and swear and use childish demeanor but i do understand why people are mad some people live for this stuff and to not get tickets is why there so pissed off ,by the way it took me 7 hours to get a thurs one day and a friday one day pass . thanks richard milwaukee,wi

  49. I just want to say that I put in 15+ hours into getting my comic con tickets online this year only to not actually get them and have my credit card charged. Every single time comic-con tickets went for sale i spend 3+ hours clicking refreshing checking on twitter face book blogs everything i could to get 2 weekend badges or some single day tickets only to have there not be enough by the time the tickets were in my cart. I could have still gotten Thursday Sunday and possibly Friday still but I literally had a mental breakdown do to the stress and frustration from the actual amount of effort I put into getting these tickets. I regret not buying my tickets at the convention last year but unfortunately I am 19 and I didn’t want to max out my credit card or overdraw, I regret it so much. Thank you ticket leap for making me cry, the sales were unfair if even I a pretty technological savvy person could not get some damn tickets into my shopping cart on time and I do not even want to think about the comic con veterans who relied on getting their tickets online this year, such a shame.

  50. Maybe I should buy a godaddy website so we ticket holders that DIDNT get tickets can get them from those that have multiples and trade fairly.


  51. You know TicketMaster has a really nice queue-system. You get a place in line, and you wait for the timer to count down until you get your tickets. No problems. You guys should look into hiring some of their programmers, they seem to know what they’re doing by comparison. I really hope I never have to use this site again.

    Also, the extra money you made off me by forcing me into buying 4 single day passes rather than a single 4-day pass for 30 more dollars or whatever it was, while you posted a tweet saying “4-day passes still available”…. and I was trying to get them since they went on sale for an hour+ before your servers finally stopped crashing… I hope that money goes towards some new servers, and programmers. Because that was awful.

    And really after wasting 2 hours of my life staring at a stupid “servers down” page, at least have the decency to reply personally to customer support e-mails rather than sending out a generic e-mails about your “FAQ” page. I hope your business fails and this site folds before comic-con 2012.


  52. ok i understand that this was a new experience for you. And im glad that your servers didnt go down.

    im mad… because i woke up, got to selecting my tickets and never made it past that page. even video games learned you should have a que, a waiting page to get to where your going.. not just boot the person back to the begining.

    so needless to say i didnt get tickets and much like almost everyone on here… i planned a head of time.. i got everything else set up and now… no comicon for me and my friend.

    but this wasnt the end of it… nooooooo.. not close. i try getting threw on the phone to speak to a rep. and you push 1 for the buy tickets.. please hold till the next avail. rep. and what happens??? i get booted back to the menu… i press 1 again. please hold… and booted again… so i get threw finally after several hundred reseted calls… and im driving to work because i have a life and didnt get teh day off just to buy tickets that i couldnt get close enough to purchase in hours. and the rep.. god forbid… didnt help worth a dam. well if you get to a computer i can show you how to buy tickets… (it doesnt take a rocket scientist to order tickets.. just stop booting me to the main page… im smart.. but if you dont have a que then theres no possible way to have a line wich means.. even though i coulda been 1001 and i didnt make it threw i loose my spot and im 100002 then i lose my spot and i dont get anywhere.

    so your reps suck, because they acted like you were dumb and didnt know how to opperate on a web site… then your web site sucked cause there was no waiting line.. just we are over capacity try again…. make a que. then at least you can have people wait and not stress…. so much…. then maybe just maybe you would have some customer satisfaction…. everyone knows… for a big event you should have a que. a waiting page../. that KEEPS YOU IN LINE>>>>>> so people who lets say are some of the first dont lose out on tickets because they werent the lucky computer..

    so im glad you guys made your bones off this sale.. but as i see it.. you have poor customer service an really really need to step up the game.. or just get out of the race. comic-con coulda did so much better then this… as a company that sales tickets.. you shoulda been better at this… (comicon… go threw ticket master they have a select time for a person to purchase… if you dont then you go to the back of the line… which is fine.. eveyone knows what they want.. so it woulda gone smoothly…

    but what do fans know right… we wouldnt know how to purchase a ticket and we need a rep to hold our hand threw the process….. (learn how to run a company, and customer service should be priority not for you guys to push us off because your getting the sales regardless if i get my ticket or not.)

  53. We are doing our best to handle all issues that resulted from Saturday. And, we appreciate and want all of your feedback. Here are some recent updates

  54. Interesting Lauren, but last year saturday tickets were gone in 3 hours, I got mine from Comic-Con website with no problems and this year on your servers same thing happened (3 hours) but nobody I know or asked got any saturday tickets, so looks like you’re talking “YADI YADA” and looks like scalpers got the tickets with Comic-Con/TicketLeap blessing.

  55. Edward:

    Interesting Lauren, but last year saturday tickets were gone in 3 hours, I got mine from Comic-Con website with no problems and this year on your servers same thing happened (3 hours) but nobody I know or asked got any saturday tickets, so looks like you

  56. Got a letter you’d contact us Tues. but nothing! Is it true that Mile High Comics (who is deeply connected and entrenched with is still trying to get the con moved someday to Anaheim? Mile High might try to mess with it’s competitors and not allow them tickets or tables. This is speculation. But I know someone who was absolutely messed over at Amazon without cause. And he states Mile High is in bed with them. What I know for sure is Seniors who did not have a fast computer had no chance to get tickets to the Con. That is a fact and it is unfair. I really do not know why most people go to comic con. It is a lot of work. People pass out. Whoever manages where you leave your stuff did a bad job this last time. Bad communication!

  57. Is this what we can expect next year and from here on out? There has to be a better way to buy Comic Con tickets then using this worthless system. I don’t understand why making a comic-con ticket purchase was so difficult? I felt like I was back in the days of the internets infancy trying to navigate, getting false positives and then reloading to start the process over again. I have used several other ticket buying services that have gone way smoother than this! Not to say I always was successful in getting high demand tickets but at least I knew up front I either “was in” or “out”. What a wasted day!!!

  58. Obviously you did not take into account what happen on the test from the December 1000 tickets. After three minutes the link was broken on the Comic Con page and you could no longer attempt to get tickets. Also that test was run on a week day at 8:00am when most people are at work. The original test did not include the entire range of tickets so the test gave both TicketLeap and Comic Con a false sense of security (and data).

    As for your technical write up
    – Introduced a queueing system to throttle orders per second to manageable size.

    This obviously did not work as 12 times I made it in to select ticket type and 12 times I was dropped when I clicked on the “Proceed …” button. Never got near entering my credit card information.

    I was trying to purchase a 4 day Junior badge for my daughter and never got it. I tried from 9:00am until 12:30pm. I then attempted again from 1:30pm until 3:30pm to get single day badges for her.

    Your queue system did not keep people in line when they reached the page to select the type of ticket and kicked them all of the way out of the system.

    You need to fix this as next year the same mass rush will take place due to the badges selling out in a single day this year.

    I will be attending the next Comic Con board meeting to insure they are aware of the frustration that has taken place with the sale of tickets this year.

    You have until the last Sunday of February or the first Sunday in March to contact the Comic Con board about a solution, because that is when the next meeting is and I’m sure I will not be alone in voicing the displeasure of how this was handled.

  59. @Raa-Gee Mile High has no input into where Comic Con is held. The Comic Con board examined all offers from the different cities and convention centers and at this time has elected to remain in San Diego until 2015.

    Future locations will be examined when contractual obligations are nearing completion. No vendor that attends Comic Con is allowed direct input only the Cities, convention centers and hotels. Vendors can make requests but they don’t really carry the weight that the cities carry.

  60. While everyone is “sorry” about what happened, it doesn’t change the facts:

    1. MANY people spent hours trying to get tickets and were on the site early and ended up with nothing.

    2. The people who planned ahead are SOL (I mean really, what else is going to happen to fix the situation?)

    3. TicketLeap kept sending out cheerful tweets about how people are getting through and keep trying. Excuse me? I DID keep trying but was booted out of the ticket page over and over until everything sold out. Sending out cheerful tweets that everything is rainbows and unicorns just pisses off the people who can’t get through.

    So, I guess the question is, since everyone is so “sorry”, what is going to happen? Will there be a queue that people can sign up for ahead of time to purchase refunded tickets? What is going to be done to fix this?

    For the love of god and all that is holy, do not give me the technical reason the site was down again. I don’t care. I work in support and when I have customers with a down system, they don’t care why it was down, they just want it fixed.

  61. I, like thousands of others, spent several hours to get my tickets. My only concern is the lack of a que system. I like ticketmasters que, it’s simple and it works. Please try to implement this in the future.

  62. Thanks for your input Lauren, I do know it’s impossible to get a fake ID, but for several years Comic-Con has been part of a Summer vacation for my family, and my sons buy a few hundred on merchandise everytime we go, so I guess this time I’ll have some extra $$/days to spend in Europe.

  63. Are you guys going to pay for my hotel cancellation fee?

  64. There isn’t even a fee because it’s nonrefundable.

    Can someone from your customer service contact me?

    Thanks idiots.

  65. Ticket leap SUCKS!!!!!!

    I DO AGREE!!! The system that we all went through was GOD dang confusing an irratation and made eveyone feel like they were unable to use a computer!!!!
    What Comic con should do is go back to the old way… or hire a call center for 1 day to take the calls and place the orders for the CON… So everyone has the chance to attempt to get tickets…
    Best to everyone who has gotten tickets… I have given up this year and will most likley have to pay a scalper again this year… It sucks..
    I have given all my efforts for 8 hrs already in the test phase of the ticket leap and the sold out disaster.
    I will never purchase tickets from TICKET LEAP…. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Censorship..

    You guys are deleting comments again?

    Fail, what are you guys trying to hide from?

  67. Anna:


    You guys are deleting comments again?

    Fail, what are you guys trying to hide from?

    @Anna – Not deleting comments, simply making sure that the spam doesn’t get through.

  68. Lauren Beley:


    You guys are deleting comments again?
    Fail, what are you guys trying to hide from?


  69. Update on Comic-Con name change policy for badges with the same name and same badge category

    Comic-Con requires an individual name for each badge purchased and that name must match a photo ID to receive your badge onsite. For anyone who registered the same name for the same badge category, they are offering you one of the following two options to complete your registration within the Comic-Con policy and guidelines. This is only for badges of the same type registered with the same name.

    1) They will be resending your EPIC barcode email confirmation within the next 24 hours for each duplicate name registered. This confirmation will include a link for you to return to the EPIC Registration website and change the name and/or address on your badge(s). Each badge must be registered in an individual name. For example, you may not register yourself for 2 Saturday-only badges. You will have 5 business days to return to the EPIC registration website for name changes. * You may only change the name on your badge(s) once. After 5-business days, if you have not made any changes, they will turn the name change option off and you will need to pursue option two below.


    2. They will refund the face value of all badges purchased in the same name if you complete the

  70. Oh you sneaky :)

  71. I ended up with two tickets in the mayhem on Saturday and I’m refunding one so that hopefully someone else will be able to get it rather than just changing the name on it (which I’m sure many are).

    My question is, are you, TicketLeap, really going to keep the $2.00 service charge for every false/duplicate ticket you sold?

    You’d be making quite a lot of money doing that, but it also seems unfair as I didn’t intentionally buy two under my own name – the system was lagging and I was “buying” tickets all morning for four hours. The fact that I got two is impressive but not intentional.

    I submitted my refund form stating that I’m owed $107.00 and I hope I get the full sum refunded.

    After you re-sell my duplicate ticket to another Comic-con fan, you’ll still get your $2.00 service fee, but from them. Please let me (and all the other fans) know if you plan to refund your “non-refundable” service fee.

  72. It’s been five days since I emailed Ticketleap w/out response, so I’ll try here.
    Hi there.

    I am one of the many that was extremely frustrated last weekend while attempting to get Comic Con tickets. I initially tried to get two four day passes, but that was not to be. I instead settled on eight single day passes. The additional twelve dollars isn’t really a big deal. The problem that I am faced with right now is that instead of eight single day passes, I wound up with thirty three, because after my first successful attempts at getting through the screen where I input my credit card info, I was informed by the green screen that your system was over capacity. However, the orders went through and your company successfully charged my card. Had I known this, I would not have placed the subsequent orders that have left me with a total of thirty three tickets, and need I say, $66 in ticket fees.

    Thank God that your fees are not on the level of TicketMasters or I would now be out of my mind. However, I have overpaid by $50 in addition to having the headache of dealing with returning all the unecessary tickets to Comicon. That being said, my question is this: Will Ticketleap do right by me and refund the service fees, or will you take the money and run?

    Thank you for your consideration and your timely reply

  73. If you still haven’t gotten your refund, just file a claim with your credit card company

  74. The emails just now arrived with the barcodes, except one of the people the barcodes weren’t attached, just text saying “BarCode”. I hope the registration people will accept that.

    TicketLeap = fail.

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