TicketLeap launches public API

Last week TicketLeap launched a REST-based API for developers, allowing event organizers to integrate TicketLeap into their website and sell tickets online. Click here to access the TicketLeap API.

In this first API iteration, we are providing read-only access to basic publicly accessible TicketLeap event information such as event name, start and end times, location, etc. Draft events and events that are hidden from the public will never be included in the public API data. Also, sellers are able to change their organization slug and event slugs at any time.

The TicketLeap API allows you to integrate your events into your website.

We also created a sample ticket widget for event organizers to easily list their events and post on their website.

We’re excited to offer this to our clients, and more excited to see what cool things they do with our API.

To get your API key, login to your TicketLeap account and select “My Account” and “API Key.” Request your personal key and once it’s approved you’ll have access to our API.


Posted by on May 13, 2011 | 3 comments

  1. Open up the stats for developers so we can create and track our own graphs/metrics.

  2. Hi Anthony, thank you for your feedback. This was just our first iteration of the API, in the next round we’d like to release those stats for developers. Keep tuned to the blog for up to date information about our latest releases!

  3. How often do you update the api ?

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