How to Kickstart Ticket Sales with TicketLeap Mobile

As an event organizer, you’re looking for every edge you can get; we think that’s why you’ll like TicketLeap Mobile. Here are four ways it can help drive ticket sales:

1)   Instant conversions. Take advantage of people waiting in line. Print big posters that have QR codes on them, and place them near your entrance and inside the venue.

Make sure that the QR Code (which you can create here) goes directly to your ticketing page, rather than your main page. You want to put as few barriers between customers and buying tickets as possible. If customers realize they can buy tickets instantly instead of waiting in line, they’ll do it.

2)  Capitalize on convenience. Take ticketing a step further. Put the same QR code on your promotional flyers, postcards, and handouts. When somebody learns about your events from promotional materials, you want them to get tickets ASAP. If you’re a venue that puts on regular events, set up limited-time-only discount codes for customers who buy advance tickets at the venue via TicketLeap Mobile. Don’t keep the discounts the same every week; start with a decent discount far in advance, and cut it down week by week.

3) Easy Access.  If an attendee’s ordered their tickets with their mobile phone, TicketLeap Mobile ensures that they have everything they need on one page, including a scannable QR code for easy check-in. That code can be scanned right from the phone’s display – which leads us to #4:

4) The WOW! Factor. Minds will be blown the moment you scan an attendee’s ticket from their phone. The attendee will think it’s cool; onlookers with paper tickets will be stunned.

We think TicketLeap Mobile can change the way you ticket events, and – as a result – the way you do business. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

-Brian Lynch, TicketLeap Marketing Coordinator

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