New Feature: Pixel Tracking

The New Pixel Tracking feature - found in the Analytics tab!

We know that some of you are fans of our platform’s analytic features; we’re happy to give you an additional tool in your information-gathering bag of tricks. We’re adding pixel tracking to the TicketLeap repertoire. For those not aware of what it is, we’ve put this explanation together:

Pixel Tracking, in short, involves a transparent 1×1 pixel that helps track user conversion by triggering with the post-purchase page. Once it’s triggered, it relays information back to you (or a particular analytics suite) regarding that purchase; what website it came from, how large the purchase was, and so on.

When we receive incoming traffic to your event page, we’re able to identify what website it’s coming from, but release it once a person leaves the page or completes the purchase. That’s where the tracking pixel comes in. If you’ve bought a banner on a particular ad network, you can provide us with the URL of a tracking pixel that your ad network uses, and we’ll be able to send back more detailed data that helps you figure out how well the “ad spend” is working, by showing how many people viewed the page, versus how many people viewed it and completed a purchase.

In these days of reduced budgets, it’s imperative to constantly measure and track the effectiveness of your campaigns across all channels; this is another useful tool in our bag of tricks to help you maximize the return on your investment. We want to make sure you’re spending your money the right way – and with Pixel Tracking, we think it’ll be another great way to handle that.

Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 | 2 comments

  1. How do you get the pixel tracking url?

    • Hi B,

      Sorry for the delay in reply. I mentioned in the article that the ad network/affiliate marketing service you’re using would provide you with one. If you are using an ad network/affiliate marketing service, reach out to them about it. After that, get in touch with us!


      Brian Lynch
      Marketing Coordinator

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