iPhone scanning is here!

We’re just so proud right now.

Our free iPhone Scanning app is available at the App Store – just search for “TicketLeap”, download it, and get scanning! That’s all there is to it. Nothing else.

What can you do with said app? You mean, aside from scan on the biggest non-Android smart phone platform on the planet?

We’re glad you asked!

A successful iPhone Scan!

You can:

  • Scan in Real Time (no uploading/downloading data)
  • Scan using multiple iPhones / Android devices simultaneously
  • Scan at multiple points of entry
  • Scan wirelessly
  • Scan off one smart phone with another smart phone!

We even have a video demonstration for you, with our CEO Chris and our CTO, Keith!  

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 | 4 comments

  1. I love you for doing this!

  2. this is going to speed up our ticket window alot!!! I wish I was paying attention to my rep when he told me about it. It wasn’t till right now that what he told me is sinking in. Duh. I’m very excited about this!!! Thanks- A Petrified Forest

  3. When will you come out with a blackberry app?

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