TicketLeap’s new universal iOS app makes events better and life easier

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to make the TicketLeap experience as smooth as possible for event organizers! Over the past few months TicketLeap’s headquarters in Philadelphia has been buzzing with energy as our data driven tech team worked tirelessly to build our latest tool designed to make our partners events run seamlessly.

We’re excited to announce TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS, compatible with the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch. We designed TicketLeap Anywhere for organizers everywhere to make both ticket selling and event check-in a smooth, efficient, and fun process. A solution to countless ticketing hurdles, our app offers the ability to sell tickets, print and scan tickets, swipe credit cards, and much more.

TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS is now available in the App Store as a free download.

Our iOS app works for events at every level, from a haunted attraction at an out-of-the-way warehouse to a sell-out concert at a top performing arts venue.

Sell. Swipe. Scan. Print. Organizers can do it all. No matter where the event is located, with TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS there is zero need for an expensive box office or point of sale equipment. This is a huge win for event organizers everywhere. Anyone with a 3G connection or Wi-Fi can launch a fully functioning box office in minutes.

One of the greatest new features available in our app is the ability to swipe credit cards. Just plug in an iMag Pro Mobile MagStripe Reader from IDTech and process credit card payments with ease (available for $55.88 at a special price – info here). Our app is also equipped to receive payment via cash or check. Now, event organizers of any size can offer the convenience of multiple payment options to patrons.

TicketLeap Anywhere’s robust system can be used to check-in attendees and scan both paper and paperless tickets from either device. Scan QR codes off attendees smartphones for a high-tech experience or print tickets with an AirPrint capable printer.

TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS supports a real-time inventory. That means all on-site operations and online sales pull from the same inventory. Organizers can also collect patron data for both online and on-site ticket purchases wirelessly and at multiple points of entry, allowing for greater mobility.

TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS

TicketLeap’s iOS app takes ticketing to the next level. We can’t wait to see the app in action at events around the world.

Download TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS today and let us know what you think! Share your experience with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 | 9 comments

  1. Will this be coming to Android devices too?

      • We’ve been using the ticketleap app for android but would love to have a more portable way of selling tickets!

        Also, it would be a good asset if you could use any card reader (for instance, intuit sends out free card readers if you use their free android app.)

        • Thanks so much for all your feedback, Justin. I’ll share all your comments with the TicketLeap team!

  2. What is the cost?
    Too bad the card swiper isn’t free like it is with Square up. It would really help if MORE information basics…i.e.: cost, etc…were readily available. That way someone could compare right way and make a decision!. Just a thought.

    • The TicketLeap Anywhere for iOS app is completely FREE and available in Apple’s App Store here.

      We offer special pricing for card readers as an affiliated company with IDTech. You can purchase the iMag Pro Mobile MagStripe Reader directly from IDTech for $55.88. Here’s how you do it.

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