Event Spotlight: United By Blue

Back in May, we spoke with Leslie Hudson from United by Blue to get a feel for how UBB works. We were so inspired by their do-gooder attitude (not to mention awesome garb) that we decided to profile them again- this time in video form. Mike Cangi, Director of Cleanups, tells us what makes for a great event and even more successful cleanup!

5 Reasons To Go To CREATE!

You may have heard we’re hosting an event. It’s two weeks from now, on Thursday, November 7th at the Arden Theater. We’ll be spending the evening thinking, dreaming, speaking- generally getting inspired to do some awesome stuff. Will you join us? Here’s why you should:

1. Tom Kehoe will tell you exactly what makes a great beer. From the Brawler to the IPA to the Pale Ale to that fancy Love Stout, Tom’s gonna give you the scoop on where he gets his inspiration to craft delicious beverages. He’s the King of Yards Brewing Company, after all.

2. Thaddeus Squire knows all the secrets behind Philadelphia architecture. Ever wondered about the real history behind the Divine Lorraine? What about that big abandoned building at Broad and Poplar, AKA The Metropolitan Opera House? Thaddeus will captivate you with tales of our beautiful city.

3. Lucy Stone has an incredible voice. She’s toured with Rusted Root and put out an EP of her own, and she’s only 21. Just listen.

4. Scott Schroeder is a ridiculous human being. The dishes he creates at South Philly Tap Room are out of this world, but yeah, he’s a ridiculous human being. You can bet your bottom dollar he’s gonna have some interesting things to say at CREATE.


5. Beer. We’re gonna give you beer. How will beer make you feel? Warm, full, fuzzy, relaxed. It’ll be great. Can’t wait to see you there!


Get your tickets now. Want a discount code? Tweet me @ticketleap and I’ll hook you up.

Get your tickets for CREATE now!

On Thursday, November 7th, TicketLeap will host CREATE: an evening of inspiring talks, music and delicious beer at the Arden Theatre in Philadelphia. With guest speakers like Tom Kehoe of Yards Brewery, Scott Schroeder of South Philly Taproom, Thaddeus Squire of Hidden City Philadelphia and singer/songwriter Lucy Stone, the event will no doubt encourage and engage those in the audience. We really, really want you to be there. Don’t miss out! TICKETS

Event Spotlight: Oysterfest at Reading Terminal Market

Event goers sampled a dozen different varieties of oysters alongside a dozen local craft beers at the first-ever OysterFest event at the Reading Terminal Market, one of Philly’s favorite hotspots.  Proceeds benefited Fair Food Philly, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing healthy local food to the marketplace and promoting a humane, sustainable agriculture system for the region. Paul Steinke, the general manager at RTM, told us a little history about the market and how Oysterfest came to be. Slurp ‘em down, knock ‘em back!

Event Spotlight: Yards Brewery and “Smoke ‘em if yous got ‘em!”

It’s as simple as it sounds… a festival with smoked beers from around the world paired with some of the best local BBQ and smoked food Philadelphia has to offer. Yards Brewery President Tom Kehoe and his team hosted the 5th Annual “Smoke ‘Em If Yous Got ‘Em” event this past September, and good times were had by all involved. Mouth watering yet? Us too.

Event Spotlight: Feastival

Possibly one of the most visually enchanting and palate-pleasing events of the year, Feastival aims to represent Philadelphia’s dynamic and innovative arts scene and everything awesome about FringeArts. In its seventeenth year, the 16-day FringeArts festival brings the best in contemporary, innovative and ground-breaking art to Philadelphia and fills the city with daring artistic performances, international legends, and local pioneers.

For the past three years, FringeArts has joined forces with Philadelphia’s world-class restaurants to present the Audi Feastival, an awareness benefit named “one of the best events in the last decade.” Nick Stuccio, president and producing director of FringeArts, told us how it all comes together in the video above.

Event Spotlight: Philly Startup Leaders Summer BBQ

Philly Startup Leader’s July barbecue had it all. Over 100 people gathered at 30th Street Station’s “The Porch" for Spotburgers, Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and of course, the company of local entrepreneurs. PSL connects technology-focused startups with the things they need most – information, inspiration and a community of their peers. PSL’s Event Director Gloria Bell chatted with us about what makes for a great event. Watch!

Event Spotlight: Paranormal Fridays at Fort Mifflin

Haunt season is approaching quickly (Pumking Beer, anyone?), so we went to Fort Mifflin to get the scoop on ghost hunting. Commonly known as one of America’s most haunted sites, Fort Mifflin offers a unique experience for guests interested in the paranormal. If this video gives you the chills, you can only imagine what it felt like to be there. Creepy.

Product Updates: July 2013

System Health Dashboard

status.ticketleap.com has been reborn!  If you’re ever running into issues while using TicketLeap, check the System Health Dashboard to see what’s up. System Health Dashboard

"Clone An Event" Feature

We heard your feedback loud and clear. You can now copy events by clicking the “Clone” button on your events dashboard, and then adding the new event name, time and date. Not all of your old event’s information gets copied, so be sure to complete the following if you’re so inclined. Three cheers for efficiency!
  • Create new discount codes

  • Create any special start/end sale dates on specific ticket types

  • Create a “sales have been stopped” message for your customers

  • Put special reserved seats on hold

  • Export your event to Facebook


Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 1.07.10 PM$10 Fee Cap

We’ve added a $10 cap for ticketing fees, meaning the ticketing fee for an event with a ticket price of over $450 (2% + 1 = $10) will remain $10. No more, no less. Even if your event tickets cost $1,000,000, the ticketing fee will be still be a cool $10. It’s all about the Hamiltons, baby!


We hope you’re pleased with these updates. Please don’t hesitate to call, tweet, or email if you need us.


TicketLeap Tip Sheet #6: Beautifying Your Event Page

Primping your event page is a step that requires little effort but manages to make a giant impact on ticket sales. With TicketLeap, your organization and event pages are completely customizable, and we want you to make them look as best as they can! Do your TicketLeap pages need a makeover, and you don’t know where to start? Here are three ways to dress your pages to the nines.

1. Logo and Slogan

Your logo and slogan appear on the header of all your TicketLeap pages, giving them a clean and uniform look and feel. When choosing a logo, we’ve found that it’s best to use a long and short image in order to maximize the provided space, and slogans should be short and snappy so folks can easily identify with your brand. Upload a logo and set your slogan by clicking the cogwheel icon next to your organization name on the TicketLeap dashboard, then select “Details.” Need help thinking of a slogan? Click here for some advice.

2. Themes and Backgrounds

Customizing your background on TicketLeap is a lot like customizing your Twitter page.  One large image can be used to take up the entire background, or one smaller image can be tiled over and over. You can select your organization theme by clicking the cogwheel icon next to your organization name, and your event theme by clicking “Manage” on your events dashboard. These custom organization themes can be saved and applied to any events you create in the future. Note: since customers viewing your event pages use different types of web browsers on different size screens, your theme/background might not look the same to everyone, but that’s okay! Click here to learn more about how to set up a theme.

3. Media Gallery

TicketLeap’s media gallery function works very similarly to other photo albums on the web. When uploading images to the media gallery, use the following specs as guidelines:

  • Minimum size = 360 x 270 pixels (anything smaller will result in a blurred, pixelated image)

  • Standard size ratio = 3.6 wide x 2.7 tall (use a 4:3 ratio to keep things even more simple)

The first image you have in your media gallery will be the primary image on your event page. The following 4-5 images will appear as thumbnails, and any other images can be viewed by clicking the primary image, which opens an enlarged view of your entire media gallery. Click here to learn more about using TicketLeap’s drag-and-drop gallery.

The Philadelphia Folksong Society is a great example of an organization that fully utilizes their logo, slogan, themes and media gallery on their event pages. Check it out!

TicketLeap Tip Sheet #5: Keeping Track of Your Clicks

Working with Tracking Codes

Where are my clicks coming from?We know analytics can be scary, but there’s no reason to get all arithmophobic* on us. Starting off with tracking codes is an easy way to help you understand the patterns of your ticket sales without getting too deep into spreadsheets and bar graphs. A lot of event creators enlist help from business partners, promoters or employees to market and sell their events. By giving a custom tracking code to anyone helping to promote your event, you can keep track of the number of clicks and sales that resulted from their personal marketing efforts.

To make a tracking code, click the “promote” tab on your TicketLeap dashboard, then click “tracking codes.” This will be where you can check up on the number of page views, visitors, order numbers and ticket sales resulting from said codes. Go ahead, click “create a tracking code.”

1 2

Give the code a few letters that are easy to remember, then add a description.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.31.48 PM

You have the option to have the tracking code URL directed to your TicketLeap organization page or to an individual event page. Click the drop down menu under the “event” heading to select the organization page or an individual event. Once you have made your selection, click “close.”


Now that you have your tracking code, there’s a lot you can do with it. You can give it to anyone who is helping promote your event, use it in a Facebook or Twitter ad campaign, or even attach it to a TicketLeap ticket button or widget. Making separate codes like “V” for vendor, “FB” for Facebook or “TWIT” for Twitter will make it super easy to keep track of your clicks and ticket sales.

How do I incorporate tracking codes into an event button or widget?Incorporating tracking codes with an event button is seamless. First, select “widgets” from the “promote” tab on your TicketLeap dashboard, then click “create an event button” or “create an events widget.”

4Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 2.34.01 PM


Under the “tracking code” section, click the drop down menu and select the tracking code that you’d like to incorporate into your event button’s HTML code. From there, you can continue creating your event button or widget using TicketLeap’s built-in HTML editor.

That’s all there is to it. Please don’t hesitate to email help@ticketleap.com or tweet @ticketleap if you have any questions.

*fear of numbers (like you didn’t know that already!)

Meet the latest Leapers…

Welcome Rachel Robbins (L) and Rhiannon D’Ambrosio (R), the newest members of our Customer Success team. Say hi to Evan Van Ness (R), our Risk Manager, and Bob Horan (L), Content Lead! TicketLeap is happy to have you here.


What were you doing before you started working at TicketLeap? How did you end up here?RR: I was freelancing in events and marketing for the past year and before that, I worked in fundraising for a nonprofit arts organization. My background is in theatre. I was familiar with TicketLeap and was so excited to find out that it was based in Philly. I tracked down the Customer Success team and the rest is history!

EV: I wanted to join the team because I think TicketLeap has a great product and opportunity to grow. I was sad to leave Texas — where I just finished my MBA — but coming to TicketLeap was worth the move.

BH: Before I came to TicketLeap I was producing online video content for Philadelphia radio stations 92.5 XTU and Wired 96.5. Through that job I was able to meet amazing people and travel to incredible places, but I also learned the tremendous value in experiencing live events. It’s great that I can listen to a Jay-Z album whenever I want, for the rest of my life, but that would essentially just generate the same experience for me over and over again. However, having the opportunity to meet Jay-Z and Beyonce backstage at the Made In America Festival is something that will only happen once in my lifetime, and in turn will be much more memorable. Experiences are unique, and it’s the uniqueness that makes them stick with us. When I discovered TicketLeap and their attitude towards experiences I instantly knew I wanted to learn more about them. Luckily, they happened to be looking for someone to press record on a video camera at the time.

RD: Before I started TicketLeap, I was the Operations Manager for a Philly-based very small start-up called Hydros Bottle. I was the only customer service contact for a year before joining TicketLeap. I ended up here through Alexander Kipphut who was a previous co-worker at Hydros. He let me know of a Customer Success position that was open, so I sent in my resume and went for it!

What can you bring to the TicketLeap table? What do you hope to learn in return?RR: I’m bringing years of customer service experience and love of theatre and events. It makes me happy to make people happy and I am pumped to apply my experience in such an innovative and inspiring company. I’m looking forward to seeing how the work of each department connects to each other to result in this fabulous product. I get the sense that I will learn a lot about comics and superheroes, too.

EV: I hope to do my part to help the company grow, and in the process grow as well. Fighting fraud helps TicketLeap be able to invest more resources in improving the event creator and eventgoer experiences.

BH: Simply put, I hope to help deliver useful information to event creators. And event goers as well. More event throwers and goers in the world means more memorable experiences and I believe there is greatness in that. What I look forward to the most is learning about all the fascinating people who use TicketLeap. There’s an incredibly large and eclectic pool of creators out there with truly remarkable, interesting, and weird things to share with the world and I can’t wait to get my feet wet.

RD: Being the only customer service representative for a company, I think I have learned a lot of patience and how to manage my time very well. I can handle almost any call or email that is thrown my way and do my absolute best to make the person feel even better than when they reached out. I hope I can learn more about organizing events, and also learn more about interactive DIY websites.

What is your favorite thing about Philadelphia?RR: I love the confident underdog spirit that this city has. We have so many great things happening here and we know it.

EV: My niece and nephews just beat out the Flyers. Although I have never lived in Philly while there was an MLS team, so the Union may be high on the list soon.

BH: Philadelphia is an amazing city with tons of quirks. And if you ask me, quirkiness reigns supreme when it comes to being interesting. I think there are amazing things happening in this city and there is no place I’d rather be right now. Also, Philly is a city that really appreciates craft beer and to me - a good, crisp IPA is like the Jay-Z to my Beyonce. Yes, I know how that sounded. And I stand by it.

RD: I was born and raised in South Philly, so narrowing down my favorite thing about Philadelphia to one thing is pretty hard. I think what I love about Philadelphia the most is the sense of pride and loyalty people have for this city. My family all still lives here, and I don’t see them leaving anytime soon. Oh yeah, the food is pretty good too!